The purpose of this Award is to give formal recognition of honorary character to person(s) who have continuously served a local public or private agency long term in an official capacity and who have contributed to the advancement of Public Works practice as a member of the American Public Works Association thereby improving the quality of life for those who live and work within that community


  1. Person(s) who have honorably and efficiently served a single local public or private agency in an official capacity continuously for thirty (30) or more years and who have been members in good standing of the American Public Works Association for fifteen (15) or more years.
  2. The fifteen years of APWA membership shall coincide with the thirty or more years of service to one agency, and the person shall be a current member of APWA or shall have been a member at the time of retirement from the public agency.
  3. A single local public agency is interpreted to mean any city, village, borough, town, township, county, or special district but not a state or the federal government. Military service does not count against continuous employment if the nominee returned to the same agency after discharge.


Selection is virtually automatic if the above criteria are met but the Awards Committee will review the nominees to confirm eligibility and determine final award.

Nomination Process

Nomination forms are available online at https://wisconsin.apwa.org/about/committees/awards/ .Email completed nomination form to Jennifer Barlas, Wisconsin Chapter Awards Chair at jbarlas@baxterwoodman.com by deadline.


January 31, annually


The award(s) shall be made by a representative of the Wisconsin Chapter Executive Board at a meeting of the City’s/County’s governing body. Also, the recipient of the award(s) will be recognized at the spring conference of the Wisconsin Chapter of APWA and in the Chapter newsletter.

  Nomination Form

Supporting Data Form

Award Program Information

January 31st-11:59 pm CT



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