I’ve never been to a state conference – what will I gain by attending?
Outstanding education sessions that address current public works issues, as well as ongoing challenges.

Opportunities to network with your peers from around the state, hone your leadership abilities and learn new job skills. Build lasting professional relationships and make a few lifelong friends at the same time.

At each spring conference a chance to see exhibitors that will showcase the latest products, services and technologies specific to public works. Talk to exhibitors in a cordial atmosphere and get your questions answered regarding their products.

How do I submit an article to the Chapter Newsletter?
Any board member can help you with this topic. The board has been asked to publish articles from many sources. It is the board’s intent to keep the topics informative for the membership as it relates to public works and to limit any articles that may be proprietary in advertising. Past Presidents are a good source to contact for article submissions.

What can APWA do for me?
Both at the Chapter as well as the national level, APWA is an international educational and professional association of public agencies, private sector companies, and individuals dedicated to providing high quality public works goods and services.

Originally chartered in 1937, APWA is the largest and oldest organization of its kind in the world, with headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, an office in Washington, D.C., and 67 chapters throughout North America. APWA provides a forum in which public works professionals can exchange ideas, improve professional competency, increase the performance of their agencies and companies, and bring important public works-related topics to public attention in local state and federal arenas. The Wisconsin Chapter was chartered in 1954 and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2004.

The association is a highly participatory organization, with hundreds of opportunities for leadership and service, and a network of several dozen national committees in every area of public works. Governed by a 17-member board of directors, elected at both the regional and national levels, APWA is an open, flexible association with a diversified membership of 26,000 and a reputation for quality services and products.

The Wisconsin Chapter is governed by an executive committee consisting of 9 chapter members. The chairs of 16 different technical and general committees also provide input on the conduct of chapter business.

APWA can keep you current in your chosen public works profession at a local state and national level whether you are a fleet manager or a public works director, an operations superintendent or a city engineer. The programs offered cover all facets of public works.

The chapter has a tuition reimbursement program for members and members’ agencies for continuing your education.

All of our members adhere to a high standard of professional conduct that promotes the safety, public health and welfare of the communities in which we serve.

Who should attend a state APWA conference?

  • Public Works Directors, Commissioners, Superintendents, and Managers
  • Directors and managers of Operations and Operations Personnel
  • City & County Engineers
  • Solid Waste Managers and Coordinators
  • Public Fleet Directors & Managers
  • Public Facility and Grounds Directors and Managers
  • DPW Safety and Training Coordinators/ Managers
  • Water and Wastewater Services Directors and Managers
  • Streets/Roads/Bridges Directors and Managers
  • Transportation Directors and Managers
  • Stormwater and Flood Control Directors and Managers
  • Emergency Management Directors and Managers
  • Consulting Engineer

What are the duties of an APWA Executive Committee member and/ or committee chair?
On the APWA WI Chapter web site (wisconsin.apwa.org), refer to Chapter Governance – Wisconsin Chapter Bylaws and Handbook – 2006, page 9-28.

Who do I contact for information on hosting an APWA spring or fall conference?
Any board member can assist you on this topic. We are always interested in knowing who may be interested in hosting. We try to schedule our chapter meetings a couple of years in advance, so you will have plenty of time and plenty of help to assist you.

How can I get involved with the Wisconsin Chapter?
There are several ways you can become involved with the Wisconsin Chapter depending on your interests and available time. Here are some ideas:

  1. Attend the spring and fall conferences, held in various locations around the state generally in early May and early November. The spring conference includes an exposition, featuring equipment and services. See EVENTS for more information. You may also participate as a presenter for upcoming conference programs, which are arranged by the conference program committee – see LEADERSHIP – COMMITTEES – CONFERENCE PROGRAMS for a list of current committee members.
  2. Attend the annual Snowplow Roadeo, held in September at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. If you are not a fleet mechanic or driver, you can still participate as a volunteer for the organization and attend the outstanding equipment show that is growing each year. See the Snowplow Roadeo information under EVENTS.
  3. Join and participate in a technical committee based on your interests and availability. All of the technical committees meet at our spring and fall conferences; some also meet between conferences. You can find out more information on the committees through the LEADERSHIP – COMMITTEES link at the left.
  4. Host an APWA Click, Listen & Learn webcast for your co-workers and colleagues. Offered several times each year, these timely and informative webcasts provide current information from industry experts. More information is available through the APWA national website, www.APWA.net, through the EDUCATION link.
  5. Like to write? Submit an article related to public works in your community to the APWA Wisconsin Chapter newsletter editor. The Wisconsin Chapter newsletter is published quarterly to all APWA members. You’ll find an email address for the newsletter editor through the LEADERSHIP – COMMITTEES link.

What documents are available to an individual?
The best source of documents can be found on both the APWA Chapter and APWA National (www.apwa.net) web sites. Examples of available documents include minutes of meetings, newsletter, training materials, history, etc.

How can I join the APWA Wisconsin Chapter?
The easiest way to join APWA is through the www.apwa.net web site. There is still a little time left to join at a discount rate before the end of 2008. You can join as an individual member or as an agency – details are explained on the web site.

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