The Emergency Management Committee chair is Rob Phillips (6/30/2022) from the City of Madison (retired). The vice chair is Chris Barnes with the Town of Verona.

Mission Statement
The Emergency Management Committee shall inform, promote and educate the Chapter members and colleagues in Public Works, as necessary, about emergency management issues that will enable everyone to provide extraordinary services in times of extraordinary needs.

The Emergency Management Committee has worked on a number of critical issues and developed several resource documents in support of committee initiatives over many years. Some information from those past efforts is accessible below.

CRITICAL TOPIC: Mutual Assistance Agreement
The Wisconsin APWA Emergency Management Committee is currently working on updating the standard Mutual Assistance Agreement.

The current version of the Statewide Mutual Assistance Agreement is linked below as well as the statutory authority for your information. It should be noted that this agreement does not supersede any agreement that you might have, it can only complement it.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of us on the committee.

The following lists of communities may be out of date but are provided for your information.

Western Racine County – Contact James Bergles, Burlington, WI (262)539-3770: Town of Burlington, Town of Waterford, Town of Norway, Town of Dover, City of Burlington, Village of Union Grove, Village of Waterford, and Village of Rochester.

Madison Area Municipalities Mutual Aid Group – Contact Jim Hessling, Assistant Director, Village of McFarland, WI (608) 838-7287: Village of Belleville, Village of Cambridge, Village of Cottage Grove, Village of Oregon, Village of Waunakee, Village of Mount Horeb, Village of DeForest, Village of McFarland, City of Stoughton, City of Fitchburg, City of Sun Prairie, City of Middleton, Town of Rutland, Town of Windsor and City of Verona.



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