The current Engineering & Technology interim chair is Glen Morrow, City of Franklin (through 6/30/2025).

Mission Statement

The Engineering and Technology Committee shall identify and research issues for the Chapter that will influence public policies and will strengthen the proper application of engineering principles and practices of Public Works. It shall provide Chapter members with a forum to exchange and develop ideas, knowledge, and technologies necessary to provide engineering support of Public Works.


  • Spring and Fall Chapter conferences.
  • Others as necessary to fulfill duties.


  • Develop a list of topics for research and develop a list of topics, including speakers, for Chapter conferences.
  • Be available to the statewide Chapter membership to receive topics for conferences, to be advised of potential engineering and technology issues and to answer related questions and respond to these members.
  • Monitor and track legislative rules that could influence Public Works, keying items with engineering and technology importance, including House and Senate bills, Natural Resource and Public Service Commission rules.
  • Generate reports on engineering and technology matters that can be reviewed by the Committee and presented to the Chapter Executive Committee and Chapter membership.

Receive APWA Association requests including discussion paper(s) that are sent to the Chapter and then review and develop a proposal for action necessary by the Chapter.

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