The current Public Relations Committee Chair is Lynda Fink (through 6/30/2025), KL Engineering.

Mission Statement
The Public Relations Committee shall develop and maintain a positive image of the Public Works profession in the public eye. It shall inform and educate the general public as to the nature and purpose of public works in the community by advocating and promoting the profession through various forms of mass media.

Chapter Sponsorship Opportunities
Chapter and Conference sponsorship opportunities for 2022-2023 are described below. The Chapter also offers an opportunity to directly sponsor the Chapter’s scholarship program. The letter and form below provide an overview of this new program with details of all the Chapter’s sponsorship opportunities, an enrollment form, and an option for online payment.

2022-23 Sponsorship Program and Enrollment

From time to time, the Chapter may offer additional sponsorship opportunities related to special events or training opportunities and may modify the enrollment form to address those opportunities as the situation arises.

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