The Transportation, Utilities and Rights-of-Way Committee Chair is Pat Hawley, raSmith (6/30/2022).

Mission Statement
The Transportation, Utilities and Rights-of-Way Committee shall address, advance, promote and educate our members on transportation legislation, regulations, technology and funding, and promote the best use of the public rights-of-way for the public benefit.


  • Create an atmosphere and forum for the rational discussion of right-of-way issues by the users and managers.
  • Increase awareness of unique problems, issues and concerns of the stakeholders in the public rights-of-way, to develop policies, and guidelines and identify best practices where appropriate.
  • Advocate the best use of public rights-of-way.
  • Archive material developed for meetings, presentations, internet web sites in a manner that preserves the information such that it can be easily accessed and disseminated to our stakeholders.

The Committee partnered with a team led by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to deliver an online workshop titled “WisDOT Local Program Project Process Development Process,” with a live session on June 30, 2020. Eleven informative videos covering key topics and a twelfth video summarizing key points of each topic are available for viewing on-demand.

The Committee routinely meets during the spring and fall conferences each year and will hold teleconference meetings when needed.

The Committee is interested in sharing information in regards to technology and best practices for roads, bridges, bike paths and pedestrian facilities. The Committee is interested in compiling a data base of innovative transportation project components in the area of green roads and sustainability. The database would provide a brief summary of the project component, list a project contact and provide some rough cost data when applicable. The idea is to provide meaningful information to other transportation engineers and to begin to quantify the cost and benefits of certain project components that advance water quality and sustainability.

(Historical Note: the former Utility and Right-of-Way Committee was merged into the Transportation Committee, effective 2018.)

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