The APWA Wisconsin Chapter Awards Committee chair is Jennifer Barlas from Baxter-Woodman, Inc. through June 2025.

Mission Statement:

The Awards Committee shall coordinate awards for the Chapter and its members on both the state and national level.

Information on each of the following Wisconsin Chapter awards can be viewed via the links below:

Frequently Asked Questions (click to view)

National APWA Awards Program

Note: Click here for changes made by APWA National for 2021.

National Award nominations may be submitted directly to the National Chapter through the use of the on-line application. The Awards Committee of the Wisconsin Chapter would like to be notified of all nominations submitted to National APWA along with a brief biography by January 31 of each year. If requested, the Awards Committee will assist any applicant in preparing their application for a National award. Winners of the Wisconsin Chapter “Project of the Year” Award will automatically be submitted for a National award by the Awards Committee.

A list of all National Awards can be found at the following website.

APWA National Awards Program

The forms and criteria for all National Awards can be found at the following website:

National Awards Criteria and Forms Page

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